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World of Kings: Worth Checking Out?
2019-08-10 11:08:47
At the moment, the MMORPGs for smartphones are just springing up, with a developer team with their own title every month. This time ZLONG sends World of Kings into the race. The developers use quite often in the former pioneer of the genre - World of Warcraft.

The big features with this one are its extensive races and class features (there are four races to play as and a whopping nine classes, each of which can upgrade to one of three different advanced classes later in the game), the gorgeous visuals that wouldn’t look out of place on PC, and it’s movement away from pay to win.

There are a variety of PvP options in World of Kings, including MMO standards such as 20v20 Massive Battlefields, Guild Wars & Duels. But the game also introduces a no-holds-barred PvP area called Hero Island, as well as Guild Siege, which supports hundreds of combatants, and Arena, where player stats are balanced to offer a fair fight. Loong Entertainment is devoted to providing fair, fun, and competitive PvP experiences for players. It knows the key to doing this is for all players to compare their skills, tactics, and general understanding of different classes in order to win.

The first impression in the game itself offers nothing surprising. The structure of the game, feel and behavior correspond to that of a classic MMO. We have experienced this countless times as a mobile implementation. Even WoK has something to fight with smaller displays, which is why sometimes the screen seems overloaded. Fortunately, some menu items can be minimized. This provides for greater clarity and in the test for plus points.

Ultimately, World of Kings is a pretty solid new entry in the MMORPG genre on mobile. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, so won’t tempt anyone who’s sceptical about the genre but fans might appreciate the huge variety of classes, gorgeous visuals, and lower levels of pay to win.

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