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How to Creating a Guild in World of Kings
2019-08-13 09:18:51
How to create a guild?To create a Guild, your character must be above level 15. For the creation of the Guild, you must pay 300 diamonds. With level 15 and 300 diamonds, you just have to choose the emblem and name.

Guild contributions are given for various activities related to the Guild. Your contribution is displayed in the general list of Guilds, you can see your contribution for all the time, as well as a contribution for the week. In many guilds on deposits determine the usefulness of guild members, the higher the contribution the more valuable you are to the guild.

After creating you build a castle, for construction you need to collect 20 people above level 12, and collect 2000 resources each. Resources are obtained by quests that are available to each member of the Guild.

Reducing the time of construction - 50 (150max) deposit points, up to 3 times a day, the cost of one reduction of 50 diamonds.

Guild Resource - 35 (280max) deposit points. Help guild members with missing items in Donate Resource.

As soon as you collect the necessary amount of resources, construction of the castle will begin. The castle is built 4 hours, the time of construction can be accelerated with diamonds. One reduction will cost 50 diamonds. Each member of the guild can accelerate up to 3 times.

Resource Exchange - Exchange of resources for deposit points. Not recommended, but if very necessary you can.

At each teir you have to pick the main line stat to move forward. So really it should be all of them. The off shoots are all dodge, pen, useful shit. Do they prioritize over your main stat if it's available (or will be soon) no. should you get them anyway? Yes.

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