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The new features within Madden 22 are exciting
2021-09-14 16:23:39
Ahh, the crowd. Perhaps more than any sport, the crowd matters in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man can rock the entire stadium. In Green Bay, they welcome players into the stands after touchdowns via the Lambeau Leap. In Philly, the crowd is just loud and boisterous.

The annual release of any sports title is one that fans tend to look forward to around the same time each year, and with passionate fanbases behind all of them, none are seemingly more vocal than the Madden community.

The first thing to talk about is the gameplay of the title, which last year presented a series of improvements, occasionally improving its fluidity and realism. These characteristics that stood out from the previous year, are maintained to the greatest extent, although the gameplay feels a bit heavier than the previous version, this is how when playing the physics they feel quite similar, but new features have been added.

The different game modes are exactly what we had last year. The Yard, which is Madden's equivalent of FIFA's Volta, is back. It's an attempt to make the sport seem cool, with colourful clothes and equipment. Different rules and faster games can make it fun, but it's really not all that interesting in the long run. In addition, it has become another place for EA Sports to raise money through microtransactions outside the Ultimate Team. MUT, as it is called here, is of course also back. Why would they get rid of this game mode? And it's just like last year. Exactly like last year. Complete challenges, unlock players, buy card packs and hope to get the best players, to take your fantasy team online and so on.

But, while some of these new additions are welcomed within the series, some (such as Home Field Advantage) feel long overdue, while others (like additional Superstar X-Factors) build on what’s already there. Overall, though, there’s a lack of quantifiable difference from last year’s outing.

Franchise mode remains Madden’s greatest weakness, even after they’ve tried to make “upgrades.” This year, Madden tries to make your coaching staff matter, and, to its credit, it does a decent job. Coaches can now essentially “level up,” earning points if you accomplish certain tasks, points that can then be applied to attributes that raise your player attributes. A coach or offensive coordinator may give all receivers a catch rating boost, or give all defenders a tackle boost. It’s a fun addition that makes an oft-underestimated part of the team matter.

The new generation has received a few small updates, but nothing that saves the game when it is so buggy and frustrating. The rating this game gets is based on the new console generation's version of the game. If you are considering buying it for the previous generation or PC, you should know that many features are missing and that the rating would have been at least one point lower. I also feel no hope of seeing any improvement. EA signed an extension for their exclusivity to make NFL games and will now have the rights until 2026, and right now, that's looking like it could be a long five more years for Madden fans.

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