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Mir4 is finally launching in 170 countries across the globe and in 12 languages
2021-08-28 16:53:40
MIR4, Wemade Co., Ltd.’s new MMORPG, is out now for both iOS and Android devices. The game was initially released in South Korea way back in November 2020, and it immediately became the most downloaded game in the country. Today, the game is finally launching in 170 countries across the globe and in 12 languages, and with its blockchain technology, it offers players a different kind of experience compared to other titles in the same genre.

In Mir4, the importance of the clan system is immediately evident. Most familiar MMO mechanics and perks of joining a clan are available, including item warehouses, clan-wide talent trees, and QOL communication options so players can organize. However, fresh diplomacy and kill order mechanics (guild members with proper authority can mark "kill on-site" player targets that allow clan members to collect bounties after successful takedowns)  allow Mir4 clans to feel uniquely social in a "big-picture" way.

MIR 4 embodies the mysterious and elegant beauty of the Orient in an MMORPG game. Unique features that have attracted keen interest from players include:
  •      High level of character customization, allowing players to fine-tune appearance
  •     ‘Clan’, which enables players to progress and grow with other clan members
  •     ‘Free Loot’, which enables players to strategize and to compete for treasure dropped by the field boss
  •     ‘Mystery’, which gives the ability to travel around continents and unravel the hidden stories of MIR 4.

MIR 4 is designed to give its players the opportunity to determine their own pace without any restrictions. In the world, you can become anything, such as being a merchant, trading and selling materials to get riches, creating the best strongest clan in the world.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, MIR4 takes players on a journey through the mysterious lands of the Orient across a vast open environment. There is a high level of character customization involved, as well as exciting Clan mechanics that lets players progress through the game with other members of the same clan. The lore definitely sounds interesting, and the artwork is simply stunning.

The clan system in Mir4 is layered and there are additional mechanics not mentioned here that offer more content and ways to explore the world of Mir4. There are numerous ways players can contribute to their clan and players of all styles can benefit from the extra resources or powerful upgrades clans provide.

MIR 4 completed a successful Closed Beta Test from August 5 to August 8 and on August 12, Wemade released teaser websites of utility coin DRACO and the NFT character trading site.

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